Marine VS Hellbat

by Temp0

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Heavily inspired by Epic Rap Battles of History! I have decided to bring the rap battles to the Starcraft universe! Let me know what you think, if you like it, and who should battle next!!!


I'm the Marine. I've been here since the first fight
You just came for the expansion, you're the worst type
You wanna piece of me boy? I hold the top position
Trying to take my spot as the most cost efficient?
HA! You're a Hellion...HotS Edition. Lost like a Scantipede
I was at the pinnacle of Bool GomTvT
And where where you? I bet you weren't even concept art
I liked you better as your Brood War counterpart!

Whatever "Sarge" but it's you who should salute
Cuz I got 10 kills, and you're barely a Recruit!
Watch your mouth buddy, if not only for your ego's sake
or you're the next thing I put into my easy bake!
If this is 5 rounds then I know you lost this
cuz after 4 stims, you get so exhausted
You're just a butthurt soldier that's in denial
getting riled up cuz Dan likes Mech more than Bio!
You're a liar!
No I'm not, and that's Meta. Better get a clue!
Not only do I shoot fire, I spit it too!
Look at you! You're a general to who?
How does it feel that I am twice the minerals of you?
Then it's David and Goliath, you're like 4 times my size
On a flying heal bus, only 2 of you will fit inside
That's a Hella-tight ride! Shoot I bet in fact
Yo Momma's so fat she fully occupies a Medivac

My momma's not fat...she's bigger-boned
Keep on talking and I'll roast you like a ling or drone
I'm a fire-breathing menace, oh you didn't know?
All that stimpacking must have impacted that little dome!

You keep on bringing up my stimming, care to try at all?
Oh wait.. you can't. What a waste of supply you are
And those oversized Bic lighters may be good
for BBQ, but that doesn't make you a sick fighter

Actually, after this I bet that the reactors on your barracks will be swapped and then be slapped onto my factories
You're not a match for me. This battle rapping game's mine
You ever been repaired and healed at the same time?

Only broken things need fixing...honestly
Don't make me "de-feet" you by dismantling your "arm"ories
And all those drops you love doing, I inspired that
Sure you just got hired, but I think it's time to fire bat


released May 19, 2013
Lyrics by: Temp0
Performed by: Temp0
Produced by: Insane Beatzz



all rights reserved